10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Greece

Traveling to Greece is exciting! The anticipation of seeing the Acropolis, Delphi, the whitewashed buildings in Santorini and Mykenos, or just sampling Greek food is enough to make you book your trip now! However, there are several things you should be aware of prior to traveling to Greece.

  1. Book your trip to Greece as early as possible. The earlier you book, the better your chances are to getting good prices for tickets and hotels.
  2. Check the weather. Be prepared for low temperatures and sudden rain.
  3. Pack lightly. You do not want to bring your entire closet. Between the plane, the ferry, and transportation to and from your hotels, you do not want to be bogged down with heavy luggage.
  4. Research the smoking laws. Greece has been known to be a smoking country. Even though smoking has been banned in some indoor areas, there are designated areas for smoking.
  5. Know which currency is accepted. The official currency of Greece is the euro and no other currency is accepted so you will have to do an exchange. This can be done at your bank, at a currency exchange place, or the airport. Credit cards are accepted at some places but not all.
  6. Know where you are staying. The hotel rating system used in the states is different from that which is used in Greece. Let your travel agent do the research and make sure the facility has everything that you need and desire.
  7. Be aware of your choices for footwear. There will be a lot of walking and the paths are rugged and some are uphill.
  8. Figure out how you are going to get around. Walking is fine. Make sure you know the pedestrian laws. Taxis and Buses run. You have to make sure you hold your hand up to let them know you want to ride. You can take the ferry to the island if you want to spend 8 hours getting there. Or, you can hop on a place for $80-$150 and be there in 45 minutes. Choose wisely.
  9. Be aware! There have been reports of pick pocketing taking place in some of the touristy areas. Make sure your belongings are safe and secure as you enjoy the beautiful sights.
  10. The tap water may not be safe for drinking on the islands. Although you can use it to bathe and brush your teeth, it is not recommended that you drink the tap water.
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